Posted by: Author | December 31, 2018

Tuesday Tales -1/1/19- Year

Happy New Year! How appropriate that the word of the week for Tuesday Tales is year. This is my slavery story continued.

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new TT Feb 2018

Lavinia came to stand in front of Theodora. “And you need to leave this girl alone. She’s been abused by my sister for too long.”
Her words brought Mr. Robertson and her father to a halt with the stranger. They’d almost made it out of the room, but Mr. Robertson cocked his head at Lavinia and said, “Are you an abolitionist?”
“Of course she isn’t,” her mother said. “Her whole life is based on her father being a slave owner. She’d never be part of that movement.”
A man Theodora had never seen before—like most of the people still in the room—stepped into the middle of the room. “I say, Madam, you and your husband are in the wrong state to be arguing about slavery. Are you not aware that the great state of Pennsylvania passed a law in the year of our Lord 1780 to free the Africans gradually? Most of us who live here agree with that legislation. It’s men like your husband who do not.”
“Wait one moment. You can’t attack my wife and my own beliefs in my home.” A sly look came over Master’s face. “Besides, even our great president of these United States owns slaves. If you criticize me, you criticize him.”
“Then I guess that’s what I’m doing. We realize you and many of your colleagues—including him—take your slaves out of the state to avoid the law. I sincerely hope that one day you’ll be stopped from that behavior. I know Mr. Washington is of the opinion he’s not a resident of Pennsylvania but merely here as the government is based here, so the law doesn’t apply to him. I imagine you think you’re immune as well, sir.”
“I agree with our president. Yes. There is nothing wrong with that.” The master nodded at Mr. Robertson. “Let’s take this one out to the street and return to try to start the festivities again.”
Theodora wasn’t educated but she knew her master was not going to be pleased with what this man would say next. She could tell by the look on the gentleman’s face he wasn’t pleased with Master.
“I find you odious and a blustery fool. Any man who can’t see his own reputation going down in flames has no place in our city, much less in our government. I am going to make it my duty to be sure you are cast out of Congress.” The man tipped his hat and bowed to the people standing near him.


  1. Very powerful snippet. Well done!

  2. Well done. Looking forward to more.

    • Thanks Susanne.


  3. Powerful scene! Very well done.

    • Thanks Trisha.


  4. Oooh…there’s going to be a fight. I love that the emotion built through it. Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia. 😁


  5. Great emotion. Well done!

    • thanks!

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