Posted by: Author | January 28, 2019

Tuesday Tales- January 29, 2019- Snow

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is snow. We’ve gone a little backward in my tale of an escaped slave in order to fit in the word prompt. This is part of the scene of the daughter of the house’s engagement party.

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new TT Feb 2018

“Stay out of this, Adams. I know exactly who this young person is and why he’s here. He’s been trying to seduce my daughter for years and I’ll not stand for him to ruin this evening.” The master tried to push past Mr. Adams.
“I’m afraid you’re too late. The night was already ruined for some of us when the bride to be flung two vases to the floor in some kind of rage herself.” Mr. Adams nodded at the groom to be. “If I were you, young man, I’d break off this entanglement as it seems you’re walking into a situation which I believe you’ll come to regret. I’ve heard from others here who feel the same way.”

“See here. You have no right to speak that way in my home,” the master said, the neck of his skin reddened and the powder from his wig flew around his shoulders as if it was snow. Theodora feared for him again. All this anger was surely not good for the master. If he died of some kind of fit, what would happen to the slaves? Would we be sold? Would the mistress need the money we would bring?
“I’m merely stating what everyone here is thinking. The lad and his father made the deal with you to join your families for political reasons and this behavior by Robertson’s future wife is certain to put a damper on his aspirations for office.” Mr. Adams bowed.

“My wife and I shall take our leave and allow you some privacy to try to salvage what you can out of this night.”

He turned and was followed out by most of the crowd. A few stayed which Theodora figured was for the sole purpose of witnessing what would happen next. It was sure to be the gossip of the whole town by daylight.

Daylight reminded her. Were they still going to try to run? Surely not. The house in chaos as it was surely meant no one would sleep this night or in the morning. There would be no chance to escape.


  1. Lovely snippet!

  2. I just LOVE how you used the snow prompt!
    “…powder from his wig flew around his shoulders as if it was snow.” Rates you a ’10’ and the crowd stands and cheers.

    • Taking a bow. I love when the crowd stands and cheers. Thanks. 😁


  3. Innovative use of prompt! Love how the scene is heady with anxious intrigue.

    • Thanks Flossie. Had a hard time figuring out how to wedge it in. Lol


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