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Tuesday Tales- February 5, 2019- Tall

The writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt tall this week. We’re a group of ladies who each write completely differently from each other, but use a common word each week.

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new TT Feb 2018

Once they both were awake and dressed in just one gown each, Esther and Theodora went out the door to the little porch on the front of the cabin.

To their surprise, a couple of ladies stood there. One was taller than any other woman Theodora had ever seen and one was almost as round as she was tall. They both had huge grins on their faces.

“We were getting ready to knock. William said you’d be arriving sometime in the night and we didn’t think we could wait much longer to meet you,” the tall one said.

Esther stepped off the porch. “I’m Esther and this is Theodora.”

The shorter woman said, “I’m Lizzie and she’s Sassy.” She giggled. “My former master named me Elizabeth, but I call myself Lizzie now and Sassy used to be Cassandra. Are you two going to change your names?”

“I’m too old to change now, honey.” Esther took the shorter woman by the arm. “I heard there was a kitchen around here.” She waved Theodora off the porch. “That’s my young friend, Theodora. I’m thinking she’s going to keep her name since the master on our old plantation allowed the mothers to name their babies.”

Stunned at that news since she’d never known it, Theodora’s words almost stuck in her throat. She coughed and said, “Yes, I’ll be keeping mine, too.” She vowed to ask the old woman more about her mother as soon as they were alone.


  1. Well done. I enjoy this story.

    • Thanks Susanne


      • Hoping to be back next week.

      • Awesome. Hope you are. Miss you


  2. Wonderful job of showing how people survive together and maintain themselves even in the most dire straits.

    • Thanks Flossie.


  3. What a wonderful bit you put in with the mother’s being allowed to name their own children. I’ve never thought of that being such a blessing. Nice snippet!

    • Thanks Trisha. I often wonder think about how hard it was for those women to have no control at all over any aspect of their lives and bodies.


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