Posted by: Author | May 22, 2019

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Ummm, someone you know? Should we be congratulating someone??? 🙂

    • My husband’s great niece. She’s a beauty queen and just finished 2nd grade yesterday. This was her a couple of weeks ago going to the ceremony to crown the new Little Miss something or other.  LOL!  I just loved the back view and her purposeful stride.  

      • That is some serious attitude for that age. I love it!

      • I know, right? Lol.


  2. What a darling! How I wish I had had that confidence…even now!

    • She’s def confident…and a bit sassy!  Her twin is even more sassy- but she’s a soccer player. No time for beauty pageants.  LOL! 

      • Amazing how different they can be! Good for both of them!

      • for sure. So different in a lot of ways but alike in some. 

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