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Tuesday Tales-May 28, 2019- Colorful

The word of the week for Tuesday Tales is colorful. We’re a group of authors who write to the same word each week. Different genres, same word. My tale is still the paranormal and we pick up right where we left off last week.

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new TT Feb 2018

“There you go again being so very clever. Perhaps you do need some Valium. Do you ever listen and perhaps learn from others? Maybe there are things in this world that your science can’t understand.” Stella snapped her fingers. “If I knew anyone who dealt in psychedelic drugs, maybe I could get you some LSD. A colorful little trip could do you a world of good.”

“I guess I should be thanking God you don’t know anyone like that.” He tapped his mug of cold instant coffee. “I guess you’d be sneaking me a little treat in there.”

“You know it.” She laughed. “I’d pay a lot of money to see you on an acid trip.”

Not sure if she was really joking, Max decided to treat her comment as if she were. Hopefully it would take her mind off the imaginary person and evil birds she thought chased her here. “I imagine that would be a thrill for you since you think I’m so straight-laced.” He smiled. “Confession time?”

She arched her eyebrows. “What could you have to confess to? I see you as a good little boy who never stepped one foot out of line your whole life. Probably never even skipped class.”

“While it’s true I never did that, I did take part in an experiment in medical school where several of us smoked pot to see what effect it had on people. You know, so we’d know ourselves how it affects heart rates and other vitals.”

Stella roared with laughter. Her eyes lit up and her expression was so full of joy, it took Max’s breath away.

“What?” He asked. “What’s so funny?”

It took her a few moments to catch her breath. She was laughing so hard, tears streamed down her cheeks.
When she’d gained control of herself and wiped her eyes, she said, “Only you would think an experiment with drugs in a controlled environment would be something to confess. Like it was a sin or something.” She leaned forward and peered in his eyes. “Tell me, Dr. Edison, is that all you got? You big drug sins boil down to one time with the supervision of your professor.”

Stella had a point. He was an idiot. Thinking he’d impress her with the fact he’d used drugs, he’d failed to see the story was ludicrous.

He shrugged. “You’re right. That’s the extent of my sins.”

She patted his shoulder. “Bless you my son. If I was a priest, I’d say you didn’t need to come into the confession booth for that.”

“Thanks for the absolution.” He grinned.


  1. Great snippet!

  2. How adorable these two are!! I love their banter. And the convo reveals so much about them as characters, their inner workings. I’m really enjoying this story.

    • Thanks Jean. I’m enjoying writing them. 😁

  3. You do a great job of showing their character and personality. Well done!

    • Thanks Flossie. That means a lot.


  4. Oh my goodness! They are so cute together. I know they are in a creepy place but I hope there’s more cute. Great job!

    • 🙂 thanks! I’m glad you like them. I love these two. They crack me up.

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