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Tuesday Tales – December 10, 2019- Picture Prompt

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales. This week we are working with a picture prompt. The tales are limited to 300 words and I am at 299- 🙂  We find our heroine has been kidnapped in this segment. She made a foolish mistake in leaving the estate where she was a guest and fell into the hands of a villain.

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new TT Feb 2018tt

She wasn’t sure if they were headed back in the direction of Misrule. She wanted to kick herself for not really noticing her surroundings when she was astride Aloysius. After I kick Charles Lockwood, I’ll kick myself.

Despairing of her chance of survival against this madman, Honora prayed. Not as much for her own safety, but for her family. Memories of when her grandmother passed away flooded her. The lady had been wicked and unkind most of their lives, but when she died, Honora’s mother was full of anger at herself for not trying harder to be a good daughter to the woman she despised. Honora was sure the same feelings of regret would consume her mother upon hearing of Honora’s demise.

She let out a snort. Why am I lying to myself? Mama will be more upset at me if I return. The scandal would send her to her bed with the smelling salts.

“First you’re fighting me as if you’re possessed by demons and now you’re snickering?” Charles tugged on her hair. “Perhaps you are as mad as I think you are. You with those eyes of no color. Is that the mark of the devil on you, Miss Honora?” He emphasized the Miss in such a way that told her with no doubt that he had less than any respect for her.

She didn’t respond.

He went on, “I wish it had been your sister I caught out by herself close to dark. Now that would’ve been a real treat. I wouldn’t be making haste to hide her. I’d first have made love to her under the sky. The moon hanging over the trees would provide just the right mood. Then we’d go to my lair and love each other all night.”



  1. Poor Honora. Hope something good happens to her soon.

    • Thanks. I do too! 🙂

  2. Steamy!! But not a nice thing to say to Honora about her sister. Not sure I like this guy at all. Good writing. Evocative.

    • thanks. Don’t like him – he’s a snake! LOL!

  3. I swear to goodness- what an unchivalrous comment he made! Love this– The scandal would send her to her bed with the smelling salts. I can’t wait to see what Honora does and what befalls her. Great job!

    • Thanks. Indeed that scandal would be the death of her! LOL!

  4. Hi thankss for sharing this

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