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Tuesday Tales- December 17, 2019- Persuade

This week’s word prompt for Tuesday Tales is persuade. Our heroine is still in the clutches of the man who grabbed her as she was out riding.

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new TT Feb 2018

Honora shuddered. She was truly out alone in the dark with a madman.

His shaking with the effort of holding her and practically giggling like a girl loosened his hold under her breasts.

Taking the opportunity to try again to get away as she was now willing to risk being in the dark by herself instead of with him and his nefarious plans, she lurched her body to one side.

She was almost successful in falling off the stallion on her head. As she dangled off the beast at his belly, Charles kept the animal moving as he held her by the waist. He loosened his grip and she slid more.

Letting out a squeal, but refusing to beg to be saved, Honora bit down on her lip to suppress her terror. If she fell now, she’d either be crushed by the horse or crack her skull on the hard ground. Neither was a good option, but she would absolutely die before asking this man for assistance.

“Had enough, Miss Honora?” He asked with another chortle. “All the blood rushing to your head should be making you dizzy by now.”

Honora didn’t want to say anything, but he was right. She was becoming sick to her stomach.

Before she could do more than grunt, he hauled her back up against him. “I know you can’t seem to mind what I tell you to do and you’re truly testing my patience, but we cannot arrive where we’re going with you acting foolish.”

Hope surged in her breast. For him to make that statement, he had to be taking her somewhere there were people. Perhaps she could persuade one of them to help her get away. Even if they were in his employ, surely they would pity a poor maiden who was silly enough to be caught out on a foolish quest to get home.


  1. Hoping he’ll take her somewhere safe. That poor girl is terrified. Great scene.

  2. Mercy! I can’t wait to see what he has in store for her! Great job!

  3. Great scene! I didn’t want to stop there – wanted to keep reading to see what was going to happen.

    • thanks! I’m glad you wanted to keep going!

  4. I’m sort of scared for her and intrigued at the same time! I hope she’s okay. Great job!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re intrigued

    • thanks Tricia.  

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