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Tuesday Tales- December 24, 2019- Gift

This week’s Tuesday Tales word is appropriate for the day- it’s gift.  We are still in my Regency story.  The ladies of the house party are doing needlework while the men are off doing “men” things. 🙂

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new TT Feb 2018

Honora wished she could tell if the countess was angry or frightened. It was hard to tell since it could be either. She didn’t know the lady at all really but she’d seemed very kind when they had tea together. This was an altogether different side of the lady. One that didn’t seem as calm and settled as the other one.

As soon as the countess was out of the room, Charlotte moved to Honora’s side. She knelt down and practically hissed at her. “What kind of game are you playing? You and I both know you aren’t making a sampler for me. Why are you trying to embarrass me?”

Without answering, Honora pointed at the sampler.

Charlotte gasped. “You really are doing that?”

The sampler had roses and ivy around the edges and a space at the top with no name. Charlotte’s name was under that blank space and Honora had half-finished the words she intended to put below. The “happily” was there. All she had left was the “ever after” and the groom’s name.

It was intended to be a surprise wedding gift, but now that was ruined.

“You all must come and see this.” Charlotte waved the others over.

Is she trying to embarrass me now?

Several ladies crowded around. They all oohed and aahed and then the questions about the groom’s name came again.

Her sister put on the appearance of enjoying the teasing, but Honora could tell by the glittering of her green eyes that she was angry. Angry that Honora’s work was appreciated for its beauty and also angry she herself had called everyone’s attention to it. As well, the teasing without a true proposal had to be annoying to Charlotte. She could pretend to be coy about it, but the truth was, no one had declared for her.

Honora knew this was all growing into an ugly confrontation when they were finally alone. She wanted nothing more than to be off this estate and safe at home where she knew all the best hiding places. Charlotte’s wrath had caused her to learn those over the years. She had no chance of escape here.


  1. Poor Honora. I really don’t like her sister. She’s mean!

    • Yes, she is. Kind of a narcissist- undiagnosed of course. Lol.


      • Entitled, I should think. Hope she gets her comeuppance.

      • Lol. Me too.


  2. Poor Honora. She just can’t win. I feel like smacking her sister!

    • I know, poor girl. And her sister needs smacking. Hard. Lol


      • I’ll join the line waiting to give her her comeuppance!

      • Lol. I think it’s going to be a long line. Lol


  3. Ugh! I am so not a fan of Charlotte. The girl needs to learn her lesson. Great job!!

    • She does indeed, Tricia. Lol


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