Posted by: Author | December 30, 2019

Tuesday Tales- December 31, 2019- Year

The word prompt for the week for the Tuesday Tale authors is year. Since I’ve been only sharing Honora’s angst in my Regency tale, I thought I’d share a bit of her being happy since the whole book isn’t a downer. 🙂

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new TT Feb 2018After making a ninny of herself, Honora needed time alone. Lord Cavanaugh had appeared completely aghast at what she’d asked him to promise. He even had a coughing fit to avoid making the vow. Not that she thought he was an unkind man—not as she had that night at the ball—but why he couldn’t make a promise caused her consternation. To say nothing of the embarrassment.

She hummed under her breath as she curried the horse, content to be alone for a while and trying to put the conversation behind her.

Wishing she’d asked Lord Cavanaugh what he had planned for the houseguests today so she could craft a reason she couldn’t participate, she finished up with Aloysius and placed the brush on the table outside his stall.

Honora rubbed his nose. “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Sneaking out of the stable and across the yard, hoping not to be seen, she made it all the way to the side door but was stopped by the man she met at the ring toss game. “Where have you been? Have you found a young man who strikes your fancy?”

She surely didn’t want a rumor of that sort getting out. Searching her mind for how to deny it without sounding coy, she took too much time as he added, “If you have, I’ll never tell. I’d be very happy for you.”

Relieved he wasn’t looking for something to gossip about she said, “I’ve only met one young man here who I’m interested in a relationship with.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Good on you. Best wishes.”

“He’s about four years old, I believe.” Honora grinned. She didn’t usually say whimsical things and found herself enjoying it.

His eyebrows shot even higher. All the way to his hairline this time. “Four?”

“Yes. He’s lovely with chestnut hair.”


“His name is Aloysius, he lives in the stables and is about sixteen hands high.”

The man playfully grabbed his chest. “You scared me there, Miss Honora.” He smiled. “I didn’t know you were so witty.”

“I didn’t either.”

At that, he threw his head back and laughed.


  1. Nice to see her showing a little backbone. Well done.

    • thanks! 

  2. I love that she has touched into her inner whimsical humor. Maybe she can be freer now to allow her real self to be expressed. Go, Honora!

    • Thanks Flossie! I am cheering her on, too!  

  3. I love that!! What a hoot! You had me for a moment there. Great post. I could feel her anxiety, and then she pulled it off.

    • Yay. Glad I had you for a moment and that you liked it. 😊


  4. What a fun snippet! Amusing and light-hearted. I loved it!

    • Thanks Trisha. I thought it was time to post something less full of angst. 😊


  5. Nice comeback! And I love that his reaction was amusement not ridicule. Great job!

    • Thanks. He’s a nice guy. 😁


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