Posted by: Author | March 23, 2020

Tuesday Tales – March 24, 2020- Flower

This week’s word prompt for the writers of Tuesday Tales is Flower.  I am still working on the Regency novel.

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new TT Feb 2018


A knock on the door interrupted them. “Come along, snail. You’re going to make us late. I don’t want to miss the first dance.”

Honora moved to the door. She knew if she didn’t get there quickly enough, Charlotte would barge in.

Sure enough, before she could reach the door, her sister flung it open, almost catching Honora in the face.

“I was on my way. You don’t have to break the doorjamb. Never fear, your dance card will be filled almost before we’re even announced.”

“You better hope so, or you’ll be the one I blame.” Charlotte turned on her heel and pranced down the corridor. “Don’t dawdle.”

Since there would be no tolerating her sister if she didn’t get her way, Honora followed at a quick pace, almost tripping over the front hem of her gown in the process. She thought it was too long at the time it was altered, but didn’t want to cause a scene and didn’t speak up. Now, it looked like she might regret that choice. What if she fell at the ball and humiliated herself?

Even worse, if she did, Charlotte would hate her more than ever. Not that she really thought Charlotte hated her. That would take too much effort from the girl. More like she tolerated her.

“Why are you insisting on walking so slowly? It’s not like when you were presented to the queen. It’s our own hallway. Come on.” Charlotte stomped down the front staircase.

It was all Honora could do not to laugh. Her sister who wanted to present the appearance of a fine, delicate flower was clomping around like an elephant. What if all those marvelous suitors of hers could see her now?


  1. Love the stomping like an elephant bit. Poor Honora. The fear of tripping over a dress just a bit too long is one I can relate to.

    • Thanks re: elephant. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped on my own hem in a formal gown. Lol. Thanks for reading my post even though I sent it to the wrong person. 😁


      • That’s okay. When I signed up, there was the possibility I wouldn’t be able to do it. Life has changed dramatically in the last three weeks.

      • Thanks.  Life has changed for sure. 

  2. Stepping on your hem is something so many of us can relate to! Well done.

    • For sure. Done it many times. 😁

  3. Oh, yes, I fervently wish they could see her clomping like an elephant! Love this line, even though Charlotte says it, “Come along, snail.”

  4. Ugh!! I so don’t like Charlotte! I’m so hoping that Honora finds the man of her dreams before her. Great job!

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