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Tuesday Tales- April 7, 2020- Pink

This week, the Tuesday Tales writers are writing to the word prompt pink.  This is still my Regency story but it is now done so this is the last I’ll be sharing of it until it comes out.

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new TT Feb 2018

Trying not to cry, Honora stood straighter as she headed down the corridor. She’d survive this night like she had many times before. It didn’t matter. Tomorrow, she could go riding in Rotten Row and soothe herself with her best friend, Shadrach. A horse with no equal. Riding him always made her feel accepted and powerful.

Mary soon arrived and helped Honora into her gown. “Miss Honora?”


“I don’t want to be impertinent, but I’d like to set your hair a different way this evening. I had a thought and want to try it.”

Honora didn’t think how she wore her hair would make her any more attractive to the men at the ball, but she wanted to encourage Mary to grow and improve herself. “Go ahead. I’m sure it’ll look wonderful.”

She sat still while Mary tended to her. It was always nice to have the gentle maid work on her. Too bad she was always last served, but being the youngest sister, she supposed it was fair.  It wasn’t one more thing wrong with her life. It was merely the birth order.

When Mary completed Honora’s hair, she assisted her into her gown. It was a lovely color of pale pink that Honora chose at the dressmakers. Charlotte said it was insipid and it probably was, but it was easier to fade into the background and not be so noticeable when your garment blended into the walls of the ballroom. Honora knew their hosts’ décor was cream and white, so she purposely chose the color.

She peered into the looking glass. Her hair did look nice the way it was styled. Making eye contact with Mary, she said, “Thank you. I think it suits me.”

Mary clapped her hands. “Do you really like it, Miss?”

“I do. We should use this more often.”

“I’m so happy you’re pleased.”


  1. Nothing like a new do to perk a person up! Lovely snippet.

    • Thanks. I agree on the new do.

  2. Love this! Now I want to see a picture of her looking in the mirror with her new hairstyle and her lovely pink dress. You paint a lovely picture of both the physical and the emotional at the same time. Great job!

    • thanks, Jean!

  3. Honora seems to be such a kind-hearted soul. It would be nice to see her shine rather than disappear into the wallpaper. Great job.

  4. I am so glad that Mary’s thoughtfulness is directed toward Honora. I can see Honora and her hair and pink dress so clearly in my mind.

    • Aww thanks. I’m glad Mary was looking for something to do nice for Honora.

  5. This was a great scene, showing insight into her thoughts and feelings. I love how you incorporated the word prompt.

    • thanks!

  6. I love that the maid wanted a change up. I know Honora wants to blend in, but I hope she stands out to the right man. Good job!

    • thanks. I hope she finds a beau, too

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