Posted by: Author | May 26, 2020

Tuesday Tales- May 26, 2020- Great

This week’s word for the writers of Tuesday Tales is great. I’m still working on the Regency Christmas story.

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Charles wished he could move away from George without it appearing as if he wanted to avoid James Cavanaugh. His mind raced as he tried to think of a reason to escape. 

“By the way, did you hear about Lady Cavanaugh’s sister?” George asked. 

Half-distracted, Charles shook his head, all as he scanned the room for someone else he needed to speak to so he could make his excuses and leave this place behind the plant. The place that turned into a trap for him as tight and effective as if he’d set it himself on his family property to catch a fox from the henhouse. 

“She and her mother have returned from Italy.”

“They went to Italy?” Charles did not really care but he supposed he needed to at least act interested. Where is Cavanaugh? Is he still coming this way?

“I thought everyone knew that. Remember when Lord Percy’s son pretended to want to elope with her and the whole thing blew up on the Serpentine?” George nudged him. “Surely you recall. It was the talk of the town. Her mother took her to Italy to wait for the scandal to die down.”

Charles nodded. Now that George reminded him, he remembered. It was nothing to do with him, thank goodness. 

“What about it?” Charles let his gaze dart back to where he’d last seen Cavanaugh but he was nowhere to be seen. A great, huge man, he shouldn’t be able to hide even in a ballroom full of people. His height would always give him away. Where is that blasted man?

“It seems she was taken ill with some disease over there. She won’t see anyone. She’s hiding in her house.”

“Why are we gossiping about some poor girl?”

George frowned. “I thought you might be concerned since her sister is married to your friend Cavanaugh.” He scratched his head. “Didn’t you also squire her about town at one time?”

“I may have amused myself with her for a little while, but I assure you, she is not someone I care to discuss.” Charles bowed slightly. “Now you must excuse me. I see Lord Ferguson across the room and I have a bit of business to discuss with the man.”

He turned on his heel and took large strides toward the back of the ballroom to make good his escape from the place. 


  1. This is most intriguing! I am chomping at the bit to know what is up with him and his secrets and subterfuge!

    • This is most intriguing! I am chomping at the bit to know what is up with him and his secrets and subterfuge!

      • Thanks Flossie. I’m having fun with it.


  2. Oh well done!

  3. I can feel his tension. After the past couple of weeks, I’m dying to know why he is avoiding James Cavanaugh. I am dying to know. Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia.  I hope to reveal soon.  🙂 

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