Posted by: Author | June 8, 2020

Tuesday Tales- June 9, 2020- Picture Prompt

This week, the authors of Tuesday Tales are writing to a picture prompt. Each post is limited to 300 words.  I’s still working on my Regency Christmas story.

Be sure to check out the other tales here. 


When he was on the street after the awkward meeting with Cavanaugh and his wife, Charles waved off his driver and carriage. He needed to walk. Even though it was cold, he wiped perspiration from his brow. The ballroom had been warm with all the bodies and the fires in the hearths, but his sweat came from the encounter.

They’d been polite enough but he knew she was fighting the urge to either slap his face or kick him in the shins. He didn’t exactly bolt away, but he didn’t linger either.  Just enough to not cause gossip. They’d merely exchanged pleasantries and he bowed to them and made good his escape.

Now outdoors, he strode along the dark street, unafraid. He was, after all, a former Army officer and could defend himself. Not that any cutthroats ever milled around this neighborhood of fine Georgian houses.

The farther away from the ball he got, the easier his breath came. He hadn’t realized he was holding in so much nervousness. It felt good to let it go. He took several big gulps of the winter air. It stung a bit going down, but he needed to cleanse away the angst of seeing the Cavanaughs.

Charles walked on, spying a set of benches he and his love used to sit on before the last time he went to the continent. His steps faltered and tears pooled in his eyes. He shoved them away brusquely with the sleeve of his coat. He couldn’t get sentimental. Lord knew he’d mourned more than most. He wanted to move on with his life but couldn’t seem to get past his loss.

Steps behind him pulled him from his reverie. Am I to meet my fate by cutthroat after all?


  1. Oh dear. I wonder who’s coming along?!

  2. OMG! What a cliffhanger! Nice to see the sentimental side of Charles, but now I’m worried something bad is going to happen to him. Well done.

    • Thanks Jean. 🙂 

  3. That ending is dynamite! I long to know who has stepped up behind him!

    • 🙂  thanks Flossie!!  Dynamite is a great compliment!

  4. Great post, and I love the suspense of not knowing who’s behind him. Hope it works out in his favor.

    • Thanks Susanne  

  5. Oh my gosh! What is going on with his past? And who is stalking him? I am dying to know. Great suspense!

    • Thanks Tricia!  I’m having fun with it.  

  6. Great snippet! I enjoyed reading it and getting a peek at his feelings. Now worried about the footsteps behind him.

    • Thanks TrishaFaye.


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