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Tuesday Tales- November 3, 2020- Shoe

Tis time for Tuesday Tales again. I have left the Christmas story for now and am working on my 12th NaNoWrimo story. It is called Sophronia. The name comes from my great-grandmother on my maternal line- she was my grandfather’s mother and died about three years before I was born. I always loved her name so decided to use it for this book. Our word we’re writing to this week is shoe.

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At the top of the stairs, Sophronia screeched to a halt. Her door was ajar.

She stopped so fast, Alice ran right into her. “What’s wrong?”

Sophronia stepped aside and pointed. “I left that closed and locked.”

“Let me go in first.”

“Shouldn’t we call the police? Let them check the inside in case whoever it was is still inside?”

“If someone was in there, don’t you think Haydn would be going nuts? I think it’s safe.” Alice looked down at the dog. “See? He’s still only interested in a snack.”

If she’d been home alone, Sophronia never would have agreed to this, but since her pet seemed content—other than impatient for his treat—and Alice was there, she shrugged. “All right, but I’ve got my phone in my hand.” She dialed 911, but didn’t push send. “If I see anything amiss, I’m calling for help.”

“Run first, okay?” Alice said.

“Got it.” The more she thought about it, the safer Sophronia felt. They’d been on the tiny landing for a few moments now and if anyone was still inside, they would’ve heard them by now. Hopefully.

Alice pushed the door open with her shoe.

Haydn galloped in without a second’s hesitation.

Sophronia followed behind the two of them praying that no one was inside with a gun ready to defend themselves from the return of the homeowner.

The place was basically one room and a bathroom. No one was in the main part of the apartment. Alice tiptoed to the bathroom and pushed the door in with her shoulder.

“No one.” She turned back to Sophronia. “Anything missing?”

Sophronia glanced around. The place was immaculate—other than some dog hair the Roomba hadn’t gotten yet.  “I don’t see anything out of place. Maybe I didn’t lock the door after all and the wind blew it open.”

“That’s crazy. Someone had to have been here. Let’s look in your drawers. See if they’ve been disturbed.”

The dresser drawers did show someone had rifled through them. Sophronia’s neatly arranged sock and under garment drawer had been tossed.

She moved to her desk. The papers on top had been slightly shuffled. She also noticed her laptop had been opened and moved slightly to one side. “Good thing that’s encrypted. Whoever it was probably tried to get in. Wonder why they didn’t take it.”

“Trying to be subtle, I guess. I’m glad you aren’t staying here tonight.”


  1. Another mystery to solve. Well done.

    • Thanks Susanne

  2. Scary and intriguing at the same time. What was the intruder looking for? And, yes, I would have called the cops. Still, they didn’t take the laptop. How come? So many questions raised in my mind. I’m looking forward to finding the answers. Great job!

    • thanks Jean. I am still unsure where this one is going.  The fun of being a pantser.  LOL 

  3. Ooh, what an eerie situation for them. Please let us have more of the story to find out! Sophronia is a beautiful name. I’m glad you were able to honor her that way.

    • Thanks Flossie. I’ve been waiting to use her name for a while now. And you will find more coming as this is all I will be doing this month- this story.

  4. Great snippet!!

  5. Oh, creepy! Who would want to take something from her? I can’t wait to read more to find out! Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia!  

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