Posted by: Author | November 9, 2020

Tuesday Tales- November 10, 2020 – Picture Prompt

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to picture prompts. We are limited to 300 words each. I am still working on my National Novel Writing Month story. It’s a contemporary set in an allegedly haunted house. Our heroine and her dog, along with her friend, have been in the house and experienced some creepy stuff. Sorry I am limited to 300 words so you might be lost here. 🙂

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“We’re going to go to that coffee shop I saw on our way here. We’re going to eat breakfast and think about all this. There has to be an explanation.”

Sophronia had never seen Alice this way in all the years she’d known her. She was clearly rattled by the events of the day—as well as the banging noises that were about to send Sophronia into orbit—but Alice was nothing if not logical. She would want all this to make sense when all Sophronia wanted was to sit in that turreted room with the flashlight and study that book. Without the sound effects and snake, of course.

Downstairs, Haydn finally appeared to relax. He followed them to Alice’s car in silence. Sophronia was glad he at least wasn’t looking at her as if he was afraid of her—or for her.

She made a point of kneeling by him at the car and patting him. “Good boy. You did well in there. You’re my sweetie. I love you.” She snuggled against his huge head and held him for a few moments.

“If you’re done messing with that creature, let’s go eat. I’m starving.” Alice slid into the driver’s seat as Sophronia opened the door to let Haydn hop in.

As they drove away, she peeked over her shoulder to see if she saw anyone in the window as she had to day before. No one. Only the feeling she needed to stay behind with the book lingered.

They each ordered a breakfast sandwich at the cafe with Alice getting a chai tea and Sophronia a large black coffee and a bottle of water to pour in Haydn’s travel bowl.


  1. Love the cuddling with the large dog. Nice slice of life here. I hope the dog stays in the story.

    • Thanks Jean. Yep, he’s staying. ❤️


  2. Like her, I’m dying to know what’s in the book. By the way, now I want a breakfast sandwich. Great job.

    • Thanks. Lol re sandwich. I want one too.


  3. The sign made me want tea and muffin! I love Haydn in your story. It’s nice that she has a touchstone when such strange happenings occur. Looking forward to more!

    • Thanks Flossie – I love muffins and tea!!  And I love Haydn, too.  He’s going to be an integral part of the story- at least I think so as things stand now.   🙂 

  4. Dog cuddles FTW!! Great snippet.

    • I love some dog cuddles. 😁

  5. I’m so intrigued about what happened at the house that shook them up so much. I can’t wait to read more! Great job!

  6. I’m intrigued by the book that captured her attention. And I’d love to join them at that delightful coffee shop right now!

    • Thanks. I’m also in need of a nice coffee shop visit. 😁


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