Posted by: Author | March 1, 2021

Tuesday Tales- March 2, 2021- Blue

This week’s word for the writers of Tuesday Tales is blue. I am still working on my soon to be released book.

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The rest of the morning passed quickly as Rowena spent some time sitting on the deck enjoying the warmth of the day. It was one of the prettiest days she had ever seen. The sky was a vivid blue and the wind was not too gusty. Perfection.

The sun on her face, she closed her eyes and thought back over the morning with Pembroke. This marriage thing was turning out to be interesting and intriguing. She wondered about what he had said on their way to break their fast. What else was he going to teach her? Wanting to know but fearful of the unknown, she let her mind wander and found herself reliving the moment she had almost let her hand stray to the edge of his breeches. That was when he grabbed her up and took her to the bunk. What did he not want her to see or touch in that area of his body?

Then her mind went back to the conversation when Pembroke asked if she had ever seen any of the farm animals mate. As soon as she recalled that, her eyes flew open and she said, “Oh.”

A passing crewmember stopped beside her chair. “Are you all right, Mrs?”

“Yes. Yes. I am fine. Thank you, sir. Please go on with your tasks. I was merely startled by a thought I had. Nothing to be concerned over.”

He bowed. “As you say.” And he walked away.

Now that she was alone again, she thought about the stallion and mare she had seen in the barn one day. Was what he did not want her to touch this morning the same kind of body part the male horse had? The more she mulled that over, she was sure. She had also seen a couple of dogs do the same. That had to be it.

Would it hurt? That stallion was large. Very large.


  1. Interesting turn of events. Can’t wait for the moment when she discovers what’s hiding in his breeches. LOL

  2. Oooh, well done with the deliciously wicked thoughts!

  3. I love how she put two and two together and is now wondering, even more, what he’s about. Looking forward to the moment when she makes that discovery. Deliciously sexy and intriguing. Well done!

  4. Great snippet!!

  5. I adore her reaction when she figures out what he was referring to. I also love the way you portray her innocence. She’s struggling to wrap her head about the whole idea of sex. Great job!

  6. What a great snippet! Very well done, with just the right amounts of innocence, wondering, and imagination. Loved it!

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