Posted by: Author | March 15, 2021

Tuesday Tales- March 16, 2021- Picture Prompt

Happy Tuesday. This week is a picture prompt week. This is in my soon to be released new story.

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“I am taking a walk with my friend and we thought we might call in at the village,” Rowena said, glad her voice did not waver.

“Just thought you’d take a stroll? What would your parents say?” Abigail asked.

“I would not have any idea since I have neither seen nor spoken to them since they sent me here as a small child.” Rowena shook her head. “I hardly think what they would have to say would have any effect on me.” She waved her arm around. “In fact, if they stood here before me on this fine day, I daresay I could not tell you if they were my parents or some strangers come along to rob me.”

Abigail shook Rowena’s arm. “I don’t ken what this young man has done to you or what kind of potion he’s made you swallow but you’re coming back to the castle right now.”

“I will not. I shall do as I please from this moment on.” Rowena jerked away from her caretaker. She was a bit surprised Pembroke had not said anything. Perhaps he understood this was something she needed to do on her own.

Abigail pulled a sheet of paper from her cloak. “This came today. I was going to tell you this evening by the fire, but now you have forced me to say it here on the path where anyone passing by can hear.”

Curious about the letter but not wanting to let her know, Rowena waved her arm again. “Does anyone traverse this path besides you and Archelus on the way to the village or perhaps someone bringing supplies to the castle?”

“No but this is something I wanted to share when you were in a good frame of mind and now here I am forced to tell you here. Archelus will most likely have to carry you back to the keep. I am sure with the way you’re already acting, this will only serve to upset you more.”

Rowena could not stand it any longer. What was Abigail speaking about? What would cause her distress?

Snatching the paper from Abigail’s hand, Rowena moved behind the wall that was Pembroke as the older woman let out a cry. “Give me that.”

Abigail lunged toward Rowena but stopped when Pembroke held his hand up. “Let her read it, old woman. You were needlessly causing her distress. It is almost as if you take joy in treating this fair lass as some kind of imbecile.” He sneered at her. “Is that what you and your esteemed husband over there have done to her for the entirety of her life?”


  1. Interesting scene. I wonder what’s in the letter that will upset her? Looking forward to the answer.

    • thanks

  2. Wow! Lots of emotion here. And a serious cliffhanger! You’d better be publishing that letter here next week or I’ll camp on your doorstep, demanding to know what it said. Great excerpt!

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I’m dying to know what the letter says. I love how Pembroke sticks up for her. Great job!!

  4. Great scene! Pembroke’s standing up for her gave me the “good feels.” I love the intrigue here and look forward to reading the whole story.

    • thanks Flossie!

  5. Now I really need to know what that letter says!

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