Posted by: Author | March 22, 2021

Tuesday Tales – March 23, 2021- Glass

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt glass. I am still in the time travel book. the heroine is being hidden away from a visiting relative.

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No grand plan came to her but in a while, Rowena realized she had been sitting in the same place for hours. The room had darkened, and she was hungry. Where was Abigail with her meal? This was decidedly odd. The woman had never forgotten her before. What exactly was Lavinia doing down there to keep Abigail from her duties?

Rowena stood, intending to attempt to sneak to the kitchens to steal something to eat from the larder. A bitter bark of a laugh escaped her lips. “Stealing from my own home. What have I come to?”

She moved to the door and opened it. When she arrived at the door of the stone stairs, she was stunned to find she could not open the heavy outer door. Had Abigail shot the wooden board that held the door shut? Rowena shook her head. “I truly am a prisoner now. How long before they actually starve me to death?”

Holding back the tears, Rowena returned to the upper room. Poking desultory through the embers of her fire, she also wondered if Archelus would let her freeze up here. She supposed he would if her father told him to.

Thinking over any options available to her short of death by starvation or freezing, she determined before she allowed that to happen she would drag the chair from the desk over to the window and, standing on it, bust out the glass that had been added in the modern days. Then she would fling herself to the ground. Let Archelus and Abigail explain that. A dead girl at the bottom of the keep. It would be a scandal for sure. Her family would be mortified. Their secret and treatment of their own child would be out for the whole village to know. The news might even make it to London.

Thinking of that possibility, she was almost tempted to go ahead and jump now.


  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I hope someone does find her before she makes that move. Well done.

  2. Horrors! No! Don’t jump! Outwit them. Geez. This had me nervous. Don’t kill her off, please!

  3. I am getting the heebie jeebies with her situation– imprisoned, cold, and starving. She’s got to beat those creeps.

  4. YIKES! That a precarious situation!

    • Thanks. 😁

  5. Oh dear! She is in a predicament. She’s a smart gal, she’ll figure something out. Great way to use the word prompt in the story!

    • thanks.  She is def a smart cookie

  6. Oh boy! I hope it doesn’t come to that! I’m suspecting something big is going on. Great job!

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