Posted by: Author | June 23, 2021

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I loved the sayings on older stones like this. I think it’s a forgotten art. Have you ever read any of the six-word memoirs? The first one I ever read was:
    Baby shoes. For Sale. Never used.
    It made me think about what my six-word memoir would be. I came up with:
    Human. But surrounded by the best.

    • I love your six word memoir. It’s great. Those are so cool. I need to work on one.

      I love old tombstones too. This one is my great grandmother. My maternal grandfather’s mother. I used her name for the heroine in my last NaNo book (unpublished as yet) – it’s so unusual.


      • Sophronia! I love it. How wonderful that you can visit with her, at least, this way.

      • Thanks.  I love the name, too.  It’s so different.  I never met her (as you can see from the date of her death 🙂 ) but from what I understand, she was a sweet lady.  

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