Posted by: Author | June 30, 2021

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Looks like a gorgeous eagle to me. Do you see them often? We have a few nesting pairs around here. And lots of red-tailed hawks. When I hear a lot of crows, I look up. More often than not, they are harrassing the predator eagles or hawks. 🙂

    • I didn’t see this one. They are pretty rare here.  #1 Son and Hubs went fishing on the St Johns River (about 5 hours from where we live) and son snapped the pic.  We’re more likely to have herons and pelicans in the road or flying around. I had to dodge a heron standing in the highway back in March. Scared me to death.  So nonchalant.  LOL  Nesting eagles sounds lovely.  Little babies….  I love red-tail hawks.  and crows….they love to harass.  We get them here, harassing the cats.  HA! 

  2. We see Golden Eagles here but rarely.Hawks, yes, and tons of vultures.

    • Ahh, yes, vultures.  We have lots of them too-  mostly on the interstate trolling for road kill.  🙂 

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