Posted by: Author | January 19, 2022

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Wow. Definitely a modernistic style. Not sure I’d want to live there. I’m sure it’s stable, but I live in earthquake country.

    • I think it’s hideous. It’s not quite done yet, but I know the woman who is building it. Not friends, just an acquaintance but someone else alerted me to it and I just had to snap a picture. Lol. It’s about two blocks from the bay in town. High enough not to flood in a hurricane. Hahaha.


  2. Not my taste at all! I htink often, people just go for ‘unique’ and ‘different’ just for the sake of it….much like my mother did with her daughters’ names!

    • Not my taste either.  Too avant garde!  LOL 

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