Posted by: Author | January 31, 2022

Tuesday Tales- Feb 1, 2022- Running

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the work prompt running. This is still my story with the heroine who sees ghosts. This scene is her helping with the search for a missing child.

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Lu wished the woman would stop talking. It wasn’t helping her concentrate on the search. It was as if the lady was just out there so she could brag about being part of it. Lu had seen a number of people like that over the years.

Trying to ignore the woman as she prattled on, Lu was a bit surprised to hear someone whispering in her ear. “I need help. Can you help me?”

Glancing around, she noticed a man to her left. He was right next to her. Soaking wet. Dressed in jeans, running shoes and T-shirt.

She couldn’t very well say anything to him so she tried to ignore his presence.

“I can tell that you see me. Don’t act lie you can’t. Please.”

The angst in his voice let her know he was one of the people she needed to help. But how to say something without the jabber jaws lady wanting to know who she was talking to?

She shook her head at the man, hoping he understood she meant he should wait.

He didn’t. “Why are you shaking your head? If you’re trying to pretend not to see me, shaking your head tells me you do.”

The group they were in reached the end of the field they were searching as they approached the water.

“Where do we go from here?” The talkative woman called to their team leader.”

“We’ll move over a few feet and go back the other way.”

Lu took the moment of distraction and turned to the wet man. She pointed to an area that had already been searched, hoping he’d follow her.

“Where are you going?” Talkative lady asked Lu.

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to take my dog back to the car. He’s tired.”

“Doesn’t look tired to me. He looks like he’s having a good time.”

Lord, will the woman just shut her mouth for like two seconds?

“Nevertheless, I think I can search better without him.”

“Shouldn’t have brought him then.” The woman sniffed.


  1. Great scene. Love the way she escapes the talkative lady. Well done.

    • thanks Susanne. I appreciate it.

  2. Can I smack ole jabber jaws? Please? She’s keeping us from finding out why this man needs help and how he thinks Lu can help him!! I am SO hooked! You’d better be posting the answer to this next week!

    • LOL! yep. Feel free to smack her. HAHA- glad you’re hooked. YAY

  3. This is immensely intriguing! I like how she has to deal with the unseen and the living at the same time. Love this phrase– “jabber jaws lady.” That is SO appropriate.

    • LOL thanks, Flossie! She was def. A jabber jaws. Glad you’re intrigued.

  4. I love the jabber jaws lady line!

    • thanks! I know some people like that. LOL

  5. If Jean can’t smack JabberJaws, I’m next in line to try it LOL
    Great scene! I loved it, the meshing of two worlds amidst the annoyance of JJ.

    • Lol. I love the jabber jaws nickname of JJ. Ha! Sounds like a lot of us want to smack her. 😀


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