Posted by: Author | February 7, 2022

Tuesday Tales – February 8, 2022- Stoop

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt Stoop. I am still working on my ghost story.

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Disappointed at her lack of progress, Lu realized she hadn’t eaten much all day. She stood to see what she could pull together from what she had in the fridge. It was past time for a trip to the grocery store.

She stared in the refrigerator. Nothing spoke to her. She shut the door and slid her shoes by the back door on. “Come on if you want to ride with me to Taco Bell, Aneto.” Lu jangled the keys as she headed toward the hook where Aneto’s leash hung.

A knock at the door distracted her from her task at the same moment her stomach growled its displeasure at her.

When Lu opened the door, she was surprised to see Detective Godfrey on her front stoop. “I had no idea it was you. Your cop knock is what usually alerts me to your presence. Why so gentle this time?”

“Ha-ha. Very funny. We usually only use that banging sound when we’re rousting a suspect.”

She held her hand to her heart. “Surely this isn’t a social call?” She had no illusions about their relationship—such as it was—but found herself tamping down that little spark of hope that rose in her heart. Stop it. He’s been a jerk. Don’t think he’s attractive.

He looked at the keys in her hand. “Going somewhere?”

“I’m starving. Was going to pop up to Taco Bell for some soft tacos.”

“That’s not real food.”

“It’ll do in a pinch.”

“I’d like some help if you have some time.” He leaned his shoulder against the wall and stared at her.

“Wow, Detective, you’re asking me for help? The woman you’d have gladly arrested or committed just a day or so ago?”


  1. Woo hoo– she does think he is attractive. Well done with this appetizing turn here, him needing her help. I hope she agrees but also has time for a taco first!

    • LOL!  Yep, he’s decided he needs her help.  And yep, she’s attracted to him.  She got her tacos!

  2. I love the tense undertow between these two. I can feel it. And I wonder where this is going? I like he’s asked her for help and that she’s trying to resist him. Great story! Can’t wait for the next installment.

    • Thanks Jean.  I love these two. I may have to give them a volume two.  

  3. Excellent scene. Well done. Looking forward to discovering what kind of help he needs.

    • Thanks Susanne.  I appreciate it. 

  4. Oh….great! Thank you very much. Now I want some Taco Bello too LOL
    Great snippet. I just love your stories.

    • Taco Bell….don’t ask me where Taco Bello came from LOL

      • Haha. Autocorrect strikes again.


    • Lol, glad I set you off on a craving. Lol. And thanks re: loving my stories.


  5. Now I’m craving Taco Bell. I love their interaction with each other, even if it was brief. Sparks flying! Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia!  I love these two together.  They are fun. I’m glad you do too! 

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