Posted by: Author | February 14, 2022

Tuesday Tales- February 15, 2022- Picture prompt

This week, the Tuesday Tales writers are writing to a picture prompt. We are limited to 300 words, so they are short and sweet this week. I am still in my lady who talks to ghosts story.

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“You still call the house yours?” Lu liked that the woman was still territorial about it. It was kind of sweet. And also kind of nice to find another spirit who didn’t want anything from her other than a chat with a live person.

“It’ll always be mine. I was murdered by my husband there—he pushed me down the stairs—he was such a jealous man. I think his treatment of me makes it permanently mine.” She sounded a bit defensive about it.

“Absolutely. I completely agree.”

“The swine got away with it, too.”

Surprised, Lu said, “And you aren’t upset he didn’t get punished for his deed?”

The woman tried to hit her on the arm, but her hand went straight through Lu’s forearm. “Oh, sweetie, he was punished. I made sure of that. Every day until he died himself. It kept me from dwelling on what he did to me.”

Lu really wanted to get to the restaurant to eat something, like maybe a steak, but the woman was still talking. Lu was afraid people were looking at her as if she was crazy. Standing on the street corner in front of a law office waiting to cross at the four way stop. Even the drivers who stopped were waving her across. “I’m glad you had the chance to come to terms with what happened to you. I really need to go as I’m attracting attention since only I can see you.”


  1. Well done. Love the way she got justice fir herself.

    • Thanks, Susanne.


  2. Love this scene. I hope she scared the you-know-what out of her husband, the bum! Love talking to the dead. Wish we could really do that. Great story. And now I want steak! s

    • Thanks Jean.  I do sometimes wish we could talk to the dead-  Just to ask how they are and visit them for a bit since we sure miss them!

  3. In your different genres, I love how you move effortlessly between modern sensibilities and those of the past. In this one we get the modern and tidbits of the past. Love that combination.

    • Aww.  Thanks Flossie.  That means a lot.  

  4. Ooh! I want to know how she got back at him. Loved this excerpt. Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia! I better go back and make sure I covered that. lol

  5. Great snippet!

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