Posted by: Author | March 7, 2022

Tuesday Tales- March 8, 2022- Nasty

Tuesday Tales is a group of writers who challenge themselves to write to a word prompt every week. This week’s word is nasty. I am still in my story where the heroine can communicate with dead people.

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Lu shook her head even though he couldn’t see her. “I don’t think so. I mean, I don’t mind trying, but after he was shot, I tried not to look, but when my eyes strayed that way, I saw a terrible black cloud come and swallow his escaping soul. There was a horrible sound accompanying it, and I took that as his soul being taken to a place we don’t even want to know exists. It was pretty horrific—worse than the blood I accidentally saw surrounding him.”

He let out an audible breath. “That sounds awful.”

“It was something I never want to see or hear again.” She knew she probably would if she kept up her work in trying to help the deceased. It was awful, but she didn’t fool herself that some things were ugly and nasty. It wouldn’t stop her resolve to help people.

“I’m sorry about having your car.”

“No worries. I’ll take a cab or an Uber. I have to get back to Aneto soon anyway. He probably thinks he’ll never eat again.” She laughed as she noticed the OR nurse rolling Grace out of the room. She was sure they were headed to recovery. “I gotta go. Looks like they’re done with Grace and I’d like to talk to her surgeon. See how it went.”

“What’s the name? I’ll need to interview him.”

“Doctor Bert Madison.”

“Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it, Mick.”

She smiled. The nickname was growing on her. Then she suppressed the smile. He’s married. Stop forgetting that. “Hey, I’m glad I was able to assist. I’m pretty positive that Grace wouldn’t have lived much longer. I’m just glad I have this gift I hated at first. I find it makes me feel more worthwhile. I’ve been a little disillusioned with my job since it’s mostly administrative now. I find I’ve missed saving lives and assisting people in their time of need. This is a different way to be a nurse and I’m blessed to have the chance to help. Thank you for allowing me to tag along with the criminal investigation.


  1. Nice to see they’re getting along. Her gift isn’t one I’d like. Good scene.

  2. Great scene!

  3. Still an eerie thing, listening to her relate what she sees. I’m not sure I’d want that, either. But then, again, how utterly fascinating!! You weave an intriguing story.

    • aww.  Thanks Jean.  That compliment means a lot to me. 

  4. Wow! Great scene. I loved her description of what happened, but sure wouldn’t want to be the one seeing it. I think I’ll be grateful right now that I don’t have that particular gift!

    • Amen! I am glad I don’t have it either!

  5. Oh that was a terrible description of his soul departing. GreT description of it. Great job!

    • thanks!

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