Posted by: Author | March 9, 2022

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Well worth the extra pictures. Spring is on it’s way, and yellow is the herald. Yay!!!!

    • I love these. I need one!  they were in my son’s neighborhood in central Fla.  they are gorgeous!

  2. How beautiful! It’s supposed to go down to 15F on Saturday night. We have some daffodils and crocus, but I hope nothing else tries to bloom yet.

    • These were in the Orlando area from when I was visiting my son this past weekend.  It was 88 degrees one of the days I was there.   We are supposed to be in the 20s here this weekend again after 70s here for a week or two. 

      • The weather has been crazy almost everywhere.

      • yep!  For sure!

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