Posted by: Author | August 10, 2022

Wordless Wednesday

Basque Cheesecake by EGC


  1. Where did my comment go? This looks good! To many underappreciated proper browning.

    • Yes. The browning is def a requirement of Basque cheesecake.

      • I had to look it up. The texture said “egg” to me. I’ll be over later!

      • LOL!  You’ll have to go to my son’s house.  He made it down in Maitland, Fla. 

  2. I was thinking souffle but that’s a cheesecake? Either way, looks yummy!

    • Yeah, it’s a cheesecake- not like a standard cheesecake. A bit different 

    • Laurie, exactly where my mind went!

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