Posted by: Author | September 6, 2022

Tuesday Tales- September 6, 2022- Sign

Hey, all. Sorry I missed a couple of weeks. We went to visit the son and his family one of the weeks and I didn’t write. Yesterday, our internet went out for most of the day so I am late today, too.

I am still in my Regency story. Today’s word for the writers of Tuesday Tales is sign.

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A dilemma for sure. He did not know what to do next to help Brandy so he decided to ride further out into the countryside and exercise his mount. Once that was done and he could think more clearly, he would find Jeremiah and set a plan into action. When he was off the ship and hemmed in the city, he always felt as if he was choking on the crowded air. Oh, to be back at sea. 

If he could not be on the waves, he could at least get some wind in his hair by riding. Not quite as joyful as salt water coming over the side of the railing and splashing his face, but a close second. Even when he lived at home, before everything changed, he always preferred the out of doors over sitting in a stuffy drawing room or being in the crush of a ballroom fill of mothers on the prowl for husbands for their darling little girls.

He snorted at the memory of how stupid he had been in those days. A girl in a skirt showing off her lovely bosom could cause only trouble. How relieved he was that his Brandy was not such a shallow little creature as those vapid minxes had been.

Pushing aside those memories and determined not to think on them again—at least for the foreseeable future—Daniel whistled for his horse to come over to him.

Once he was mounted, he rode out at a gallop, man and beast as one.

They rode until the animal was covered with sweat and Daniel thought he might smell quite as bad as the horse. He knew if he was thirsty, so was his companion.

Luck was on their side. Just ahead was a coaching inn with a stables. The sign outside told him he had arrived at The Horse and Hound. “Cheers, Lad. We can both get something wet and cool.”



  1. I love his backstory. It explains quite a bit about him. And I can definitely see him riding his horse. Great job!

    • Thanks Tricia!  I appreciate it. 

  2. I love him. He reminds me of Captain Wentworth in Jane Austen’s “Persuasion”. Preferring a woman with a brain. Great story!

    • Aww. Thanks, Jean. Captain Wentworth is one of my favs. Glad he’s co I got across that awesome.


  3. Love this story. It’s so sweet how he thinks of her as “his Brandy.” His love of the sea is real and endearing, and it’s heartwarming that he feels a touch of it while riding his horse like the wind.

    • Thanks Flossie. For some reason, this story is just hard for me to get down so I’m glad it’s coming across well.


  4. Great scene. It was nice to be in his head for a bit and see life through his eyes. I like him even more after this.

    • Thanks, TrishaFaye


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