Posted by: Author | September 14, 2022

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Lovely! I love everything about Fall. I miss having seasonal flowers, waiting for the ones for Fall.

    • I love fall too.  It was 60 degrees here this morning– will be 87 later.  LOL!   I took this three weeks ago in Orlando at Disney Springs.  Totally Disney gardeners here.  LOL

      • Our weather has been pretty much the same, off and on. It’s going to get well into the 80s for the next few days.We had 100 and close, with heat indices to 120. I hope that Fall lasts, but it usually doesn’t here.

      • We will be back in the 90s next week. We don’t usually get fall temps until late October. Faux fall always gets me in the mood and then it gets hot again. Bleh. Hope you get some cool soon.


  2. Beautiful. For us, that would be a portent of spring, but you sound like it’s part of your fall color? Either way, it’s a great picture.

    • I have no idea what season other than it was August when I took the pic.  LOL!  Orlando.  Probably local for this season??! Maybe.   LOL

      • Missed that. Covid brain. Took an Alaska cruise, took every precaution. Still got sick. Mild, probably because we’re vaxed and boostered, but still taking a huge chunk of my energy…and brain, apparently.

      • aw man.  Sorry you aren’t feeling 100%.  Hugs.  Get well soon!!

      • I hope that you bounce back fast,Laurie. COvid is no fun, been with a mild case,(as I had). Don’t overdo it, I got pneumonia afterwards.

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