Posted by: Author | September 19, 2022

Tuesday Tales- September 20, 2022- Picture Prompt

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to a picture prompt. I am still in the Regency story. Snippets are limited to 300 words this week. Mine is very unedited. 🙂

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Jane’s gaze took in the whole tavern again. She had been disappointed when her captain did not come to her boarding house to escort her to work. He usually did when he was in port. In fact, she was sure he said he would be back when he left her that afternoon for wherever he was going to spend the afternoon.

She was almost late arriving for her shift because he did not appear. She had had to run and, in the process, one end of her scarf fell off her shoulder and dragged through the grimy, smelly street and even into some puddle that should not have existed as the day had been quite sunny. Once in a while, as she walked past where it hung on the hook on the wall, she caught a whiff of something nasty and she was pretty sure it might be horse manure. How will I ever get it clean? It’s so fragile and I cannot ruin it as it belonged to my mother.

As she worked, she prayed whatever it was that it would be an easy matter to remove it. She also fretted over where the man she loved could be.

“Get over there and clean that table. Those men left ten minutes ago, Brandy. Candles still lit and half-filled ale should not be sitting there that long.” He employer frowned. “There will be a crowd coming in since the entertainments will soon be over at Vauxhall. Our ale is cheaper and needs to be plentiful with empty chairs to lure in the men who have already lost most of their coins on bear-baiting. They always want to get drunk on the cheap stuff after they get excited there. Get that table cleared now.”



  1. Sounds like she has a hard life. The boss, none too gentle, but I suppose he’s right. The table should be cleared and ready for new patrons. Bear-baiting?? Wow, the sports they had back then, eh? BTW, why didn’t he show? You’re leaving us hanging on that, I see. Hmm. Hoping we get the answer next week.

    • Yeah.  they had some pretty brutal sports back then. Shoot, many even thought public hangings were entertainment at one point.  UGH!.  Glad we have Netflix instead.  LOL!   

      • Me, too! LOL.

      • 🙂

  2. As Jean said, that’s one nasty boss. Times were far less gentle back then. Great scene.

    • They were for sure.  Poor women who had to work def got the short end of the stick

      • and no respect. Times have changed, thankfully.

      • Exactly and AMEN!

  3. Love the realistic times you portray. I’m hoping it’s the same day as when he went in the tavern and she will see him in a moment. That is a compelling picture, isn’t it?

    • It is very compelling. I love dark photos with candles. Atmospheric. And thanks re: realism.

  4. Ugh, I don’t want to know what’s on the scarf either. And her boss is such a jerk! Great job!

    • yeah, some gross stuff on that scarf! LOL

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