Posted by: Author | October 13, 2022

Free Book- Evil Wind Rising

For a long time, I wanted to write a book using Beatles songs for the names of the characters and even had a list going in my phone’s notes app. This book was the final culmination of that idea and I didn’t even use all the ones I had listed. It might be cheesy of me, but I had a blast doing it. AND see if you can find the easter eggs in the story…


Rumor has it the Rigby Mansion is haunted. The last owner was brutally murdered and now the house is on the market. Dr. Max Edison, a surgeon who has no time for such nonsense, wants to tour the manor as he wants a home outside the city. The firm listing the property sends him out with their newest employee, Stella McNamara, who is convinced the rumors are true. She has a sixth sense about these things….



  1. What a fun idea! Will go check it out.

    • thanks! Hope you like it

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