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Tuesday Tales- October 18, 2022- Picture Prompt

This week on Tuesday Tales, we are doing picture prompts again. Each post it limited to 300 words. I did 302 because I couldn’t find a better place to stop. OOPS! I am still in the Regency, but I am getting closer to THE END. Big YAY there.

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Alone tree and Milky Way arch at night. Landscape with old tree, bright arched milky way, sky with stars, hills at sunrise. Beautiful universe. Space background with starry sky. Galaxy and nature

Jane took her leave, hoping to soon be settled in a new place and able to afford to have her things sent to her. She hated most to leave the blanket her mother had made. So little remained of the woman Jane loved with all her heart, it was like ripping out her own heart to leave behind things her mother had touched and loved. Even though she knew it was merely property, it was all she had left of her home. The home she missed so much.

She stiffened her spine, carried her two bags and headed to the depot to catch the mail coach to her unknown future.

The stars were still out and she looked around her forlornly as she took her leave of what had become a dear area to her. Even her favorite tree seemed sad and alone in the light given off by the early morning heavens.

To her surprise, when she arrived just as the first rays of sunlight hit the horizon, there were quite a number of people already waiting to board.

The driver looked over the crowd and pointed to several. “You can ride inside. We will have to alternate inside and outside riders. If everyone wants to go, two will have to ride up top with me.”

Jane did not mind riding outside. It was a nice day. She raised her hand. “I can ride on top. I do not mind.”

The driver nodded. “It’ll be rough up there. You don’t look like someone who is used to hardship.”

“I am a barmaid. I can ride with you.”

His glance slid up and down, taking her in. “I guess you look sturdy enough.”

A man with a massive mustache and a monocle said, “Let’s get going. No need to coddle the girl.”



  1. Sorry she had to leave her mother’s blanket. Interested to see where she’ll end up. Well done.

    • Thanks Susanne!

  2. It is heartbreaking to lose the items that bring you closer to memories of lost loved ones. That mean old man! She may not need to be coddled, but it’s nice sometimes if others show care.

    • Yes, it is hard.  And yes, he is mean,  I am plotting for  his downfall….. 😉 

  3. Love the strong, brave woman heroine. As for the rider who’s in a hurry, he has some nerve, accusing the man of coddling her. Smack him for me, please.

    • LOL!  He gets worse and will def need a smacking.  LOL!

  4. No, she is leaving Daniel! Hopefully he realizes how he feels and comes for her. Great job!

    • 🙂 Tricia!

  5. So sorry she had to leave such a treasured item. Great snippet!

    • Thanks, Vicki

  6. Oh, I hate that she has to leave her mother’s blanket behind. Yet, I suppose that that was an often occurrence in those days. No U-Hauls and storage units that proliferate our landscape today.

    • For sure. Way too many storage places. We have become a society of “keepers”

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