Posted by: Author | October 24, 2022

Tuesday Tales- October 25, 2022- Mint

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt Mint. I am still in the Regency but I am determined to finish it this week. I plan to do NaNoWriMo so I need to push on with this and wrap it up before November 1. So, next week will probably be the last of this one since we post these Monday evenings. My heroine is on the run and has had an encounter with an oaf.

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Back at the carriage, she sat on a fallen tree limb and ran her hand idly over the wild mint growing at the base of the tree. She thought about the last weeks of her life. How she had gone from happily—well, mostly happily—working with Bessie for Mr. Baines and waiting patiently for her sea captain to be in port to being chased out of her home by one sailor who would not leave her alone to today with a man trying to take advantage of her, was a mystery.

Except it is not, is it? This is not the first time such a man has acted in such a way. What is wrong with me that these kind of men are always interfering with me?

She idly wondered why the captain had never tried such actions, but then felt ashamed. Of course her captain was an honorable man. He had never done anything to cause her to fear him or wonder if he would treat her in a way to bring shame upon her.

In a few moments, the others returned with the villain between them, still sputtering and yelling. “You will regret this. I tell you, you will regret this. You don’t know who I am. You will pay for these indignities on my person.”

The driver led the group to a large tree and they pushed Mustache Man to the ground. “Sit there and shut your mouth before I gag you.”

“Gag me? You’ll regret that for the rest of your life. In fact, you are going to already regret this day for a very long time to come. Wait until I get free, you’ll see then. Oh, yes, you will.”

Jane was not sure how long she could stand to listen to the man and hoped the gag would appear soon. She stifled a giggle. Seeing that man gagged would be the best part of the day.



  1. Great scene. Love the posturing. A gag does sound like the best solutions.

    • LOL!  Thanks.  It WAS a good idea.  LOL

  2. I’m so impressed with how fast you can finish your books. Great job! That self-important, obnoxious man needs to be gagged! I’m glad she is getting some satisfaction from it.

    • Good grief, Flossie. LOL! I have been fooling around with this one since April. It has taken forever!!  Am finally making good progress just in the  last two weeks.  LOL!  And I am getting a kick out of the man getting his comeuppance.  

  3. I’m all for the gag, too. What an obnoxious guy! Love her musings about the Captain. Sigh. My Captain Wentworth lookalike. I’m dying. When is he going to come back?

    • ahhh, I love Capt Wentworth! Esp. Ciarin Hinds. Swoon.

  4. Oh, I’m afraid this will come back to bite them. I love the use of the word prompt. Great job!

    • Thanks. It was fun trying to figure out how to fit mint into the story.

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