Posted by: Author | October 26, 2022

Wordless Wednesday



  1. You do have the cutest decorations. Enjoy!

    • Thanks. I love them. Not scary, just fun! ❀️


      • My comment disappeared! I love these! Especially the train, but all are darling. I used to have a small Halloween tree.
        The main Italian/International shop in Louisville left their Christmas tree in their bay window in front for several years and changed the decorations for each holiday and for each season.The did a great job for Easter and Halloween, not to mention every other day they could think of. Their beach-themed tree one summer was incredible.

      • Thanks. The train is new this year. My pirate ship sprung a leak -lol. I got the black tree last year and I love that the shop you refer to kept a tree going all year. Cute idea! Happy Halloween.


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