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Tuesday Tales- Nov 1, 2022- Sticky

This week, the writer’s of Tuesday Tales are writing to the work prompt sticky. I am still int he Regency story but I do see light at the end of the tunnel now. YAY! Long time coming, for sure.

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Once she was seated, Jane looked at both of the men. “Since you invited me to accompany you to this estate you mentioned last night and I have agreed, can you both promise me you will not try to change my mind about moving away from London?” She held her hand up. “And that does not mean you can try to force me to remain on that estate either. I need you to understand that I make the decisions about my life. Me. Only me. If you do not plan to honor that, let me know now and I will be on my way with Miss Smith on the next mail coach.”

“We both promise, don’t we?” The captain glanced over at his bosun. “Agreed?”

Jane slapped her hand on the table top. “I see you trying not to smile. I warn you, I am serious about this.” She lifted her hand. “Someone must have spilled ale here. It’s sticky. I would never allow this at the tavern where I worked. It is a shame when a barmaid does not take pride in her work.”

Her captain—who she still had to get used to calling my lord—did smile then. He addressed Jeremiah, “This is why she is so special. She takes pride in all she does. Even mopping up messes slovenly men make.”

“Stop teasing me. I am being serious.”

The proprietor brought over a trencher of sliced bread along with som ham and eggs for Jane.

Once he was gone, the captain said, “I have hired a carriage to take us all to London.”

“London? Surely that estate you spoke of is not in town. I do not recall any that are, in fact. Why have you changed your mind about the estate?” Her heart sank. She was not going to return to London. She had made her decision not to return there so now she would not be able to spend those last few days she had allowed herself before never seeing the new earl again. She took a bite of her ham.

“I have news that might interest you about London.”

She swallowed and stood. “I will get my baggage and wait for the mail coach. I am not returning to London.”



  1. Interesting scene. Dying to know how she and the captain/earl hooked up again. Will have to buy this one for sure. Great job!

    • Thanks Susanne! This one is finally flowing out and I’ve been rocking the word count but now it’s time for NaNoWriMo so I will finish it then polish in December. I still need a title but I have the cover—without the title. Lol.


      • It’ll come to you. LOL I usually get the title before I even start the book, which gets me in trouble when they don’t mesh.

      • LOL!  titles are so funny– they are either super hard or easy.  I actually  have a list of titles with no stories.  LOL!

      • Souds familiar.

      • 😀


  2. My captain to my lord. Love it! Can’t wait to see this one in full.

    • Thanks, Flossie. Will get into editing it when NaNo is over. I already have a cover on standby…if I can think of a title! LOL!

  3. Ohhhh interesting scene! I love how she’s standing firm in her resolve.
    Sounds like you’re doing good with NANO. Good for you!

    • thanks. Rocking along- funny how some stories are easier to write than others!

  4. Whoa! She’s facing off with the Captain? I have a feeling that he has some good news about London, or something wonderful planned for London. I love how determined she is, but being too headstrong can be a mistake. Love the push/pull of this story and her strong stance on taking care of herself and making her own decisions. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. You’ve got me on the edge of my seat.

    • Thanks Jean. They have been interesting to write, for sure. My only worry is that they spend so much time in this book apart and trying not only to figure themselves out, but work their way to each other in their own stubborn ways, LOL

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