Posted by: Author | January 16, 2023

Tuesday Tales- January 17, 2023- Picture Prompt

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to a picture prompt. I’m working on a series of short stories to be released in the fall. This I the beginning of one that takes place in a jewelry store.

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Siobhan Connery stood behind the jewelry counter, placing the tray of engagement rings back in the case and locking it. The young couple who just left reminded her of her sister and her husband to be. Cute and so clearly in love that people smiled just by being in their presence. One of the many reasons she loved her job was how everyone who came in the store was looking for something to either commemorate an occasion or to gift to someone they loved. 

Her last job of working at the county jail as the receptionist allowing in visitors was super depressing. 

When the chance to work at her uncle’s Jewelry store came up, she leapt at it. Little did she know how much she would love being in the store and learning about the gems and precious metals. Her dream now was to be a certified gemologist. 

Her uncle didn’t really have time to give her the proper education in all the various skills needed to get the certification as he was more interested in his bottom line profit on a day to day basis than training her. She saved as much as she could toward taking the year or so off that she would need in order to actually attend one of the institutes that offered a course. 

Once she had that, she could pick any kind of job in the field. She could even be an appraiser or work for an antiquarian jeweler. That idea intrigued her. 

The store wasn’t busy at the moment, so she took the opportunity to wander to the back where the two jewelry repairmen worked. Of course, one was a woman but that was what her uncle called them so she did as well. To the customers, that was. 



  1. A gemologist! How interesting! I love gems and would be interested to know more about them, too. I hope she can have her dream. I like the idea she’s going to save up and how she feels about working at the jewelry store. Such a positive post. It’s uplifting during these dark times. You’ve sucked me in and now I want to follow her journey. Great job!

    • thanks Jean. I am doing this series as a number of uplifting tales. We need them these days for sure.

      • Damn right we do!

  2. I love her backstory about why she is working there. I want to know. Ore about these repair people. Great job!

    • I based the repair people on a local jeweler’s that actually has people who design and make jewelry right on the premises. It’s fascinating.

  3. That past job certainly would be depressing. I’m so glad she’s entering a field that attracts and excites her. Plus, it’s exciting to the reader. Looking forward to more of her story.

    • thanks!

  4. Wonderful snippet!

  5. Working for an antiquarian jeweler would be lots of fun!
    Loved this scene and what it showed of her.

    • thanks. I agree. We have one here in town and it’s like Aladdin’s Cave!

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