Posted by: Author | January 18, 2023

Wordless Wednesday



  1. This is like Where’s Waldo, except I’m looking for the four-leaf clover! Lol.

    • Exactly!!  I was doing the same thing.  LOL –  didn’t find one but thought it was a cool perspective of the ground.  LOL

    • That would make a mind-blowing jigsaw puzzle.
      Is it really that green there already? We have will onions popping up. If this warm weather continues, a lot more will and then get zapped.

      • yeah. that would be a nightmare of a puzzle.  eep!!   And yes, it’s that green here. We have had mid to high 70s this last week.  It got cold  again over the weekend but was 70s most of last week and this week.  Supposed to be in 40s again tonight.  Our weather is always unpredictable in these months. 

      • We have been into the 60s again this week, and down into the 20s. It dropped all day today. We had crazy lows in December for here.

      • It’s nuts. Yesterday was 76. It’s 42 right now.


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