Posted by: Author | January 23, 2023

Tuesday Tales- January 24, 2023- Green

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt Green. I am still working on my story that takes place in a jewelry store.

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Cara reached out with a shaking hand. “Can I hold them?”

“Of course. You can try them if you want.”

The look of joy on Cara’s face was all Siobhan needed to make her day perfect. It was always a lovely moment when someone found their perfect item.

“I can? I never thought you could do that. I mean, everything is so pretty and it’s kind of scary, but I can try them?”

“Yes. If you don’t like them, we clean them and put them back in the case for the next customer. No worries.” Siobhan leaned forward and whispered. “Don’t let places like this scare you. We who work here are privileged and excited to help people find their treasure.”

“That other lady wasn’t so happy to help a kid like me.”

“Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but she’s afraid of children. They scare her.”

Cara’s eyes widened. “Really? How can that be?”

“Well, people who haven’t been around children in their lives don’t really realize they are just like us grownups. Only shorter.”

Cara’s dad laughed. “You know what, Car, this lady is right. I never thought of it that way but she’s absolutely right. Try those on, honey. Let’s see how they look.”

When the earrings were in her ears, Cara couldn’t take her eyes off them in the mirror. She kept turning her head to watch them flutter. “I love them. They’re perfect.”

Siobhan nodded. “They look great with your dark hair. Are you sure these are the ones? We have a bunch to choose from.”

“No. I’m sure. I like your idea of picking a stone that represents the month of the event. I’m going to make that a jewelry tradition in my life. It’s a great way to remember things.”

Cara’s dad handed Siobhan his credit card. He mouthed the words, “Thank you.”

Siobhan was sure he was thanking her for treating his child like she had opinions and was entitled to express them. She truly believed children were miniature adults and deserved respect. She wished Jocelyn did. But Jocelyn didn’t even think an older lady like Dorothy deserved respect in a jewelry store. It was that kind of attitude that made people not want to venture into fine jewelry stores. Snobbery by the salespeople was ridiculous. It set Siobhan’s teeth on edge. Some days she wanted to blast Jocelyn for her attitude.

She packed the case for the earrings into a small silver bag with the green logo of the store on the outside, slipping her card inside as well. “Good luck with your debut. I hope the earrings help give you a confidence boost.”



  1. Love this scene and the salesclerk’s attitude. It doesn’t take that much to treat everyone with respect. Age shouldn’t be the determining factor.

    • Thanks. And I totally agree about treating with respect no matter age or other prejudices, be it age, finances, race, etc.


  2. I love this! I have exactly the same attitude toward children. I treat them with respect and listen to them. It’s stood me in good stead all my life and is one reason I have such a good relationship with my sons. More people should read this story. Well done!

    • Thanks Jean.  That means a lot.  I do the same with children and did with mine as well. Am doing the same with the grandson.  I think it’s important to acknowledge they are people and deserve to be treated as if what they think matters… because it does!  

  3. This is such a brilliant scene. You have delivered a great deal of information with a few well-chosen words. I love how she treats the young customer with care and respect.

    • Thanks, Flossie.  That means a lot.  

  4. I love how she shows attention and respect to the child. Their interaction is priceless. Great job!

    • thanks! 🙂

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