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Tuesday Tales- January 31, 2023- Safe

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt safe. I am still working on my jewelry store short story.

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The next few days at work went by relatively fast and easy. Jocelyn was in an odd mood. Quiet and not giving Siobhan as much of a hard time as usual. To the point Siobhan thought her uncle might have said something after all.

But it wasn’t that. By Friday, Jocelyn was so subdued, Siobhan was worried about her.

Much as she hated to ask and possibly be shot down, she finally said, “What’s going on with you these last few days? You don’t seem like your normal self.”

To her shock, Jocelyn burst into tears.

Taken aback, Siobhan took a step toward her but stopped, torn about how to comfort her. “What is it? Can I help in some way?”

In stuttering words, Jocelyn said, “Only if you can give me a personality transplant.”

“A what?”

“My boyfriend dumped me. He said I was rude and dismissive. He said I treated the waitress horribly when we went out to eat over the weekend. Apparently, he’s overlooked it before but says he can’t any longer.” She put her head on the glass case and sobbed.

This was one of Siobhan’s pet peeves. She’d stopped going out to eat with a couple of people for this very reason. She didn’t really know how to comfort Jocelyn in this situation without a lecture on how to treat people, but she decided to try anyway. “I’m really sorry to hear that about your boyfriend. Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe there will be someone better suited to you than this guy. You’ll see. You’ll find someone.”

“You don’t even like me. How can you say that I’ll find another guy?”

“I firmly believe there’s someone for everyone. It sounds like you haven’t found your someone yet.”

Jocelyn looked up, mascara running down her cheeks. “How about you? I bet you have a wonderful man who adores you and make you feel safe. You’re so perfect.”

“I am in no way perfect. And I don’t have a boyfriend of any sort. I’m not looking for one. I have other priorities.” Siobhan couldn’t believe how this conversation was going. She’d certainly never put herself out there as perfect.

“But that little girl last week liked you more than me, other customers come in and ask for you. More than they ask for me. It’s not fair.” Jocelyn wailed some more.



  1. Shaking my head. I know so many people like that! And the worst of it is, it’s never their fault! Great scene. I can’t stand people who are rude to those working in the service industry either.

    • Me either. I have also stopped eating out with people like that. It is rude to treat people as less than- Everyone is entitled to respect no matter their chosen work.

  2. Great excerpt. I also hate people who are rude to wait staff. It’s a pet peeve of mine and I do the same thing, not going out to eat with rude folks. And the word “fair” — I’ve dropped it out of my vocabulary. Nothing in life is fair. This seems so real, like I know the people. I can totally relate. Great job!

    • Thanks Jean.  I have always told my children they don’t get a certificate at birth that life will be fair.  And I agree on treating people with respect. 

  3. Wow. I am proud of Siobhan for trying to help. But Jocelyn made need a lot of help. Very well written. Loved it!

    • Thanks, Tricia!

  4. I can see Jocelyn needed some parenting a few years ago. At least she is forthcoming with Siobhan as to the problem, and hopefully she is in a state to hear the reasons why people are turned off by her treatment of others. Siobhan has the patience of a saint here.

    • Jocelyn DID need some discipline as a child. And Siobhan is def. a saint when it comes to dealing with her coworker 🙂

  5. Great scene! Man, I do not like people who are rude to wait staff. Well done snippet.

    • Thanks Vicki,  I agree about people who are rude to waitstaff. 

  6. Oh, dear. She’s got her hands full with this one!
    Poor thing. Such a worrisome position to be in.

    • thanks!

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