Posted by: Author | February 1, 2023

Wordless Wednesday



  1. I love ivy! I have it growing at my house. I worked hard to get it to grow, then it took off.

    • I think that happens with ivy.  LOL!  I love it too. 

  2. Ivy seems like one of the most resilient plants there is. I love seeing it climbing up a tree like this, though hubby says eventually, it will choke the tree.

    • Yeah, sadly, it will choke it. I love to see Ivy too but it is def invasive –

      • The Ivy hasn’t been a problem, we have something else here that we battle that gets the trees, plus Fall-blooming Clematis, which I like in moderation, but the stuff gets everywhere.

      • I agree.  Clematis is okay in moderation….

  3. This one deserves more than a ‘like’.

    • awww Thanks!

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