Posted by: Author | February 15, 2023

Wordless Wednesday



  1. You’re in P.R.?
    We have a number of this type of sign here. Most are mundane, but there are a few interesting stories.

    • This is about seven blocks from my office in downtown Pensacola. The Rough Riders came here on their way to Tampa where they gathered before taking ships to Cuba. A marker was here near the train tracks since 1963 but was re-marked again in January, 2023 with this new sign

      • Oh, cool!
        One with a story here is on two properties, actually. During the Civil War, a high-ranking officer caught his wife with a fellow officer in a stately home and promptly shot the man. The shooter rode off to another great house, where the officials caught up with him. He shot himself before they could capture him, but they patched him up, took him in hanged him the next day. Tragic, but what a waste of time and energy. They certainly wanted things done properly.
        I have no idea what happened to the wife.

      • That is definitely an interesting one.


  2. And that’s one of the primary reasons he became President. (That and his predecessors untimely demise?) Thanks for the reminder.

    • Yes. he was some kind of wild man, too. They had three mascots and one of them was pretty crazy: A dog named Cuba
      A mountain lion named Josephine
      And a golden eagle named Teddy.

      A mountain lion!!! Nuts. LOL

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