Posted by: Author | February 13, 2023

Tuesday Tales- February 14, 2023- Picture Prompt

This week is a picture prompt week and I am still working on my short story with the son of an earl hiding out as a dance instructor. Each post is limited to 300 words. I cut come conversation out of the middle of what I am sharing from my WIP as it would have put me over the word limit here. 🙂

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When Henry arrived at his boarding house and entered the hallway, he sniffed the air as a marvelous smell wafted down the hallway from the kitchen. He reflected for a moment about the home he’d been raised in. There were never delightful aromas invading the rest of the house from his father’s kitchens. Of course, he knew they probably existed, but since the cook did her work from the back of the manor and on another floor, they never made their way out of her domain.

He found he quite liked being greeted by a foretaste of what might be in store for the evening meal.

“Good evening, sir. I hope your day went well,” Maggie, the maid said as she passed by on her way to the drawing room.

“It was passable.” He knew she did not want to hear about all the young ladies who had tried to make his day miserable and speaking casually to maids was still new to him.

“What am I smelling? It’s lovely and making me hungry for the evening meal.”

“Oh, that’s Mrs. Richardson’s famous squash soup. It really is a hearty and wonderful meal. She serves it with her special cheese and herb crackers. You will be happy with the meal.” She turned back to the door. “But I must lay the fire in here. There are a couple of guests coming tonight.”



  1. I love squash soup. Set a place for me! Great scene.

    • Come on over. It’s hot and tasty. 😀


  2. I love this. It really made me think. Smells are so much a part of our lives, and how bereft to have a setup where you can’t breathe in the aromas of dinner being cooked. It also made me wonder about wealthy people in huge homes, cut off from the cooking area, that must have some of the same deficits. Great job, and I love squash soup!

    • I agree about smells. They are very much part of us. For example, the smell of Gloria Vanderbilt perfume takes me right back to when I was studying for the bar exam and taking it. It was the scent I wore and it clung to clothes even after washing them. Haha.

  3. OMGH, I love squash soup!!

    • Me too!!

  4. Oh, so love the discussion about tantalizing aromas from the kitchen. That’s half the enjoyment of a meal. So agree with Flossie’s comment about how I never thought about that being removed from the main rooms of the houses of the wealthy. And now, who’s coming to visit? Not more quarrelsome young ladies, I hope. Or maybe I do! Great snippet.

    • LOL! thanks. Let’s hope whoever it is brings some drama. LOL! And I love smelling something yummy cooking.

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