Posted by: Author | March 13, 2023

Tuesday Tales- March 14, 2023- Picture Prompt

This week, the authors of Tuesday Tales are writing to picture prompts. I chose the brie one. I am working on a short story set in London in July when the swan upping is done. The posts are limited to 300 words.

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Brie cheese. Camembert cheese. Fresh Brie cheese with herbs and cranberry Brie cheese. Camembert cheese. Fresh Brie cheese

“We did.” He pointed to his friend Nigel. “It was Nige’s idea. He’s always been a clever one.”

The bartender waved Clark’s lager. “You going to pick it up, mate?”

“Sorry. Sorry.” Clark turned to Tabitha. “You can join us if you like. I’m not planning to stay long but I’m sure my mates won’t mind if you hang out.” He smiled. “Since none of your pals are here.”

“Thanks. I think I will. At least until some of the regulars come in. I hate to sit alone. I think it attracts the wrong sort of bloke when a girl is alone in a pub.”

“You’re probably right. I know some of us can be insensitive to women. Not that I think that’s okay. I just that I know it happens.”

“Too often for comfort, to be honest. Safety in numbers and all that.” Tabitha followed him to the table where his friend Nigel sat with several others and he pulled a chair out for her.

When she was settled in, he took the seat opposite and introduced her to everyone.

“Are you ready to lead us all tomorrow, Clark?” Nigel asked as he eyed Tabitha across the table. He cut a slice of the brie on the table and put it up to his mouth.

Of course Nigel is attracted to the blonde. She’s just his type.

Afraid he’d brought Tabitha to the attention of the very kind of bloke she was trying to avoid, Clark had a moment of regret for his efforts to befriend the girl. Hoping Nigel wouldn’t be a jerk, he said, “I’m not technically the leader, you know.”



  1. I hate being alone in a bar or even a restaurant. When I traveled alone, I had room service for that very reason. Nice of him to look after her like that.
    Great scene.

    • thanks, Susanne. I eat by myself a lot but I wouldn’t go to a bar alone.

  2. Intriguing story! How nice she could join the group at the table, rather than sit conspicuously alone.

    • Thanks Flossie.

  3. Uh oh, looks like Nigel might turn out to be a bad one. But he’s not forbidden from looking at her –but it’s the way he is. And Clark sees that. Very perceptive on his part. I hope this will turn out well for her.

    • thanks. I hope so, too!! LOL pantser here who has no idea yet who Nigel may really be. LOL!

  4. What a great snippet. Well done!

    • Thanks


  5. Oh, but now I’m curious. What’s to come of it? And you probably won’t give us a clue, will you?

    • Haha. Probably not. You know me. Lol

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