Posted by: Author | March 15, 2023

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Poor Hobbes! Though I love the cone. It looks MUCH more comfortable. How much longer will he be in it?

    • We had to buy him another one as the plastic one was so uncomfortable and he couldn’t eat with it. Got an inflatable one that he immediately removed twice. So, got this one and it is velcro and holding. but it’s getting dirty with him dragging it. He looks like a stegosaurus. LOL! We go back Saturday to hopefully get the stitches out – then he’s free! He is hating not being able to groom. Licks the cone. Poor thing.

      • Marie is here. She said that’s a pretty collar! And Mark said “poor Hobbes.” 🙂

      • Tell Marie hello and Mark that Hobbes appreciates the sympathy. He is a sad kitty for sure. I think he wonders why in the heck we are doing this to him. It’s like the humiliation of the Halloween collar I tried to get him to wear a long time ago. He hated it and shunned us while he had it on. LOL

      • AWWW, Is he OK? That seems very clever and comfortable, bless his heart.

      • He had two masses removed. We went in to have one done but they found a second on the other leg when they shaved it for the IV. No result yet on if they were malignant. Hoping they got all of it.


      • And Mr. C picked out the collar. LOL

  2. Poor darling! Prayers! Keep us posted.

    • thanks. Will do

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