Posted by: Author | October 14, 2011

Friday Facts- October 14, 2011- Pope Formosus

Pope Formosus (c. 816-896) was elected Pope on October 6, 891.  He had been in some controversial positions over the years before he became Pope and his involvement in political intrigues continued into his papacy.  So much so that a later  Pope, Stephen VI, had Formosus dug up, dressed in papal robes and tried for crimes. This was called the Cadaver Synod. He was convicted of not being worthy to be Pope.  They annulled all the acts he performed as Pope, cut off the three fingers of the hand he used to consecrate and ripped the papal vestments from his body. Then they threw his body into the Tiber River.  (A monk later pulled it out and when Stephen VI died, Formosus was reinterred in St. Peter’s.)

Wow. That was insane.  I’ve got a bad habit of making comments like “are they gonna dig up my dead body to try me?” YIPES! Someone just may. It’s been done.

Jean Paul Laurens Painting of the proceedings



  1. That is insane! OMG, I’m sorry, I’m cracking up laughing. It’s so horrible, but man…you have to be seriously pissed at someone to dig them up, DRESS them in the uniform of their office, try them, cut off their fingers, and then dump their body in the river. *snickers* I’m so horrible. Oh man *wipes her eyes* I can only hope no one dislikes me this much. Now I have to go and tell everyone I know about this. Fantasic Friday Fact, Jillian!!

    • I thought it was pretty gruesome and insane, too. Just HAD to share it. Glad it made you start the day with a giggle. And yeah SERIOUSLY pissed they were. Lol.

  2. That is insane. I can’t imagine being that mad that I’d still be that mad I’d have someone dug up and do all that stuff. CRAZY.

    Interesting though.

    • Glad to know you won’t dig me up if you get mad at me. Lol.

  3. Holy Toledo. You sure find some strange facts to broaden our horizons with. Wow. That’s taking vindictive punishment to a whole new level! 🙂

    • Yeah. Lots of strangeness in this Friday Fact for sure. LOL! It’s fun for me to see what I can find for you all to enjoy.

    • By the way, Laurie- are you back from the great North?

  4. INSANELY INSANE! I have your blog handy so I don’t miss these. One of these days we’re going to get to meet in person and I’m looking forward to it.

    • LOL! I love that- insanely insane- INDEED!! Glad you like these. They are fun to find/remember.

      Yep- can’t wait to meet ya, too.

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