Posted by: Author | June 4, 2012

Today’s The Day- The Boy is a Tate High School Aggie Alum!

The kiddo graduates today at 1:00 pm! High School is over and I’m glad. This kid of mine is brilliant but has hated the whole bureaucracy of the school system since he was five years old. If he thought what the teacher said or wanted was stupid, he wouldn’t do it. At all. I said at least 26 million times, “If the teacher wants it, you have to do it. It affects your grade.” He was a master at ignoring me.

Another thing I said ad nauseum was “You can make 100s all day long on the tests, but if you don’t turn in the homework, your grades will be lower because zeros averaged in with 100s are still zeros.”

Alas, none of these words went in. Despite his stubbornness, he’s graduating with an over 3.5 GPA, was captain of academic team, is an AP Scholar many times over (but that’s because of the tests that he aces) and also a National Merit Commended Scholar.

He SAYS he’s going to be spectacular in college because all the teachers care about there is test grades and he’s brilliant at that. He also says he taught himself everything he knows and school up til now was a waste of time.

Yes, this child is unique. I love him but all my grey hair is attributable to him. So glad to get him out of high school. *whew*


  1. MEGA-congratulations to you, proud Mamma! Our son, the second oldest of our five, was the one I was praying we would get through high school. He was a bit of a non-conformist, also, but in a different direction. Thankfully, he’s 40 now and thriving.
    Nonconformists, unite!!!!!!!!!

    • non-conformists indeed. I love them but dear God they can be a challenge.

      • Yes, they can be a challenge. Still, I didn’t start going gray until our son’s younger sisters snuck out of the house. lol.

      • Hehe. About the sisters. My #2 son was born when I was 33. I had to start covering the grey when I was 38. About the time he started school. No lie.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats Mom! That’s really awesome.

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