Posted by: Author | July 30, 2012

Edits Done- New Book Trailer

Here’s the trailer I made on Sunday for Hot Pursuit after I got the first round of edits done. I spent over 20 hours since Tuesday working on them and I’m proud of how this story is shaping up. My editor, Grace Bradley, is a superstar. I had to come up with a new ending and I think I did okay with it. I do want to thank Laurie for her offer to help, but the ending came to me as I was out running errands. Thanks for being there for me, Laurie!

So, check out the trailer.


  1. Well done on the trailer. Short and well explained. I like it. And I’m SO glad you came up with the perfect ending. I can hardly wait ti read it.

    • Thanks on all accounts Laurie. I was kind of hoping I didn’t get too detailed in the trailer and it seems I didn’t, right? We will see if the ending stays this time. Lol.

      • No, it’s not too detailed. I find that most trailers don’t get the “how much information do I need to give out” right, and I end up confused about the plot. This one, I understood. 🙂

      • Awesome. Glad to know. Thanks!

  2. Congrats on getting the trailer up and the ending resolved. With that behind you, you’ll be ready to start a new week.

  3. Loved and liked your trailer. Happy you got this one published. Look forward to reading it! Rita

    • Thanks Rita. I appreciate it. Can’t wait for you to read the whole thing.

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