Posted by: Author | May 20, 2013

Cover Reveal- It Only Takes a Minute

I have a new story coming from Sweet Cravings that is book one in a series of three with the same hero and heroine. I’m particularly attached to these characters since the hero is fifty and the heroine is in her forties. I’m interested to see how that age sells. I’ve read that most readers of romance are older and I wanted to offer something for that audience. I love the way the cover turned out. Being a big fan of fonts, this one made me particularly happy. Dawne Dominique is the cover artist.


  1. That is a lovely cover, Jillian. Soothing and happy and one I would pick up at the bookstore to look closer at. Well done.

    • Thanks Laurie. Dawne captured them well and they meet over the dog so that was cool to have him there.

  2. The cover is lovely and very believable,or maybe it looks like we’d LIKE it to be.Truly romantic!

  3. I’m ringing in with the others regarding the cover. I love it. And I like the concept of the age.

    • Thanks Lavada. Glad it’s appealing and that the older hero/ heroine seems to be appealing too

  4. I love the cover. It has atmosphere and style. Can’t wait to see how the age aspect works out. Good idea.

    • Thanks Flossie. The cover is perfect for the story. I love how Dawne captured it so well. I hope the age thing works. *grins*

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