Posted by: Author | November 8, 2013

Friday Facts- November 8, 2013- Kinney, Minnesota

Here’s a wicked cool fact that exists today and could change by a death, a birth or a move. Kinney, Minnesota is on Highway 169 in that state. It is pretty cold there today as it is 29 degrees. The really awesome thing about this town on highway 169 is that the population in the 2010 census as well as in 2012, is 169. How neat is that? I love symmetry as readers of this blog know. I just hope no one moves, dies or has a baby to mess this up.


  1. Oh it’s inevitable that it will get messed up. There was a movie made on this plot but I can’t remember the name. It wasn’t exactly a classic. 🙂

    • Oh yeah. I’m sure it will get messed up. Wouldn’t it be a fun murder mystery? New guy moves to town and someone kills him to keep the numbers right? I’d love to see the movie you speak of.


      • I just wish I could remember the name.

      • Me, too. Maybe it’ll come to you at 3 am


      • My first thought was,OMG, if anyone has a baby or moves in and someone dies right away,I would look for murder with Jillian as our prime suspect…forgive me;I read too many mysteries!

  2. I’m guessing it already HAS changed, but it’s still a cool fact.

    • Probably so, Laurie. I checked this morning but who knows when that website was last updated!


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