Posted by: Author | January 24, 2016

New Release Coming

This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind. One of my chapter mates let us know that her publisher was looking for Valentine’s Day stories between 10-15,000 words. I happened to have one as it was out on submission with one of my other publishers when that publisher closed its doors so it never got out in the world. So, I submitted it.

The next morning, I got the contract and before lunch, I got the edits. They were minimal so I knocked them out on my lunch break.

The story comes out on Feb 12, 2016 with preorders as of Feb 5, 2016. We got the cover Friday and even though my story is totally not sexy like this cover, this is it. I think I am violating my own rules about PG13 by putting it here but it’s in the contract so, here it is.  LOL!

My story is called To Be Or Not To Be…My Valentine.  The anthology will be available in print  and ebook from Solstice Publishing and I believe the story will also be offered as a short by itself. valentine cover.png


  1. Wow. That’s FAST. Congratulations on the contract and upcoming release!

  2. Congratulations! I’m glad a chance came along for a story you had ready to go. Great news!

  3. Wonderful opportunity. Wishing you the best with it.

    • thanks!

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